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If You Settle For Crumbs, You’ll Always Be Starving

Red Flags Part 2! Last week, Amy & Katherine Cox (Cryo Kat) went over 13 red flags to look out for in relationships, so this week they’re following up with how to know when something is for you + more warning signs to keep in mind + money red flags!

When something is for you:

-it will bring clarity & alignment to your life, not chaos & confusion.

-you won’t feel the need to beg, convince or force…things will feel grounded & safe.

-it will feel healthy & supportive, not toxic & destructive.

*check out the full post about this from @alex on instagram - it’s so good!!!

Quotes we love from this chat:

“Fall In love with people you love yourself around.”

“People who can’t communicate think everything's an argument!”

“Indecision is a decision.”

“If you settle for crumbs, you’ll always be starving!”

Money red flags to watch for in a potential partner:

They’re not willing to talk openly about finances.

They use money to control you. 

They make you feel embarrassed about your financial situation. 

They’re overly flashy. 

They don’t tip.

They lie about money.

Other warning signs:

Love Bombing

Imbalance of power



Keeping a scorecard

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