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Disordered Food Thoughts & Patterns?? You Are Not Alone! (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Knowing you are not the only person in the world struggling with food & body image is comforting. Patrick Custer (host of Rooted Recovery Stories podcast) is Amy’s guest today & passionate about reminding people that they are NOT ALONE in disordered behaviors. He shares a little bit of his story & Amy encourages people to check out his podcast as another resource. Details & link below: 

Rooted Recovery Stories podcast is all about bringing you stories of hope, healing & triumph over the bondage of addictions, mental health struggles, trauma & dysfunctional family systems. Courageous storytellers have chosen to live their journey out loud in order to show others that they don’t have to suffer in silence. The stories you will hear are raw, real and may involve graphic and triggering content. This podcast is brought to you by Promises Behavioral Health’s Rooted Alumni Community.



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