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Bobby Asks Listeners Their Opinion On Guest Appearances

Bobby Bones had a question for listeners after the show cancelled an interview with a guest.  

A lot of people reach out to the Bobby Bones Show saying they’d like to come on and do an interview. We say no to about 85% of the people who ask because we get so many requests and only want to bring on the guest, we think the listeners would like to hear. Once we book an interview, if they send us a note putting restrictions on questions that cannot be asked, we tend to cancel it. The show is currently dealing with this situation. About 90 minutes before said interview was set to happen, they sent an email asking to omit any questions about this guy’s past and just focus on their new music and projects.  

He doesn't want to put rules on what he can or can’t ask because then it almost feels like the show becomes their PR team. He’s always done it this way, but now he wants to hear other opinions on how he should move forward with these types of situations. If the listener thinks he should cave into their rules and still do the interview, then he will.  

Bones decided to cancel the interview, and said one day he may share who it was.