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Bobby Hit Girl in Face With Golf Ball at Pebble Beach Tournament

Last week, Bobby Bones played in the celebrity golf tournament at Pebble Beach in California. He shared so many cool stories of things he still can’t believe happened, like how he was on the same team with Ray Romano, and they became friends.  

He took Eddie with him to be his caddy. Bones felt the spectators were standing way to close all around the green, especially since he’s an amateur golf player. He hit a ball that he said was an okay shot, that went about 8 feet off the side of the green. When it landed it started to roll towards the hole. In golf you’re supposed to stay composed and only clap, but Bones was so excited to have hit a good shot in front of everyone he started giving everyone high-fives and celebrating.  

But that’s when he was told that they thought his ball hit someone and that’s why it rolled back towards the green. Eddie and he walked over to see what happened and discovered he had hit a girl in the face with his ball. She was standing there with an icepack on her swollen face. She said she wasn’t paying attention when the ball hit her in the face. She told Bones she was okay, and he signed a sign for her that said “Sorry I hit you in the face. It was a pretty good shot though.” He also gave her $50 dollars he randomly had on him. He learned to now announce when he’s hitting to have everyone back away.  

Bones said it’s really scary hitting people, and that’s why he’s not going to be a pro-golfer. Other than that, he had a great experience. Another cool part of the tournament he mentioned was former 49’s hall of fame quarterback Steve Young asked Bones for a picture with him! Bones thought it was a joke at first but found out he’s a fan of the show and listens! He also noted that he beat Aaron Rodgers in a game too.  

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