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Katelyn Brown Interviews Husband Kane Brown With Personal Questions

Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn's first song together “Thank God” is about to go number one, so they stopped by The Bobby Bones Show and Katelyn got the chance to ask her husband some personal questions!  

She could ask him anything she wanted, whether it be personal or professional, nothing was off limits! She started by asking if he pretends to be asleep when the kids wake up in the morning or if he truly doesn't hear the kids. She thinks he fakes it cause the kids are screaming and crying, but he said he truly doesn't hear them. If he’s not up by 8:30, she sends the kids in to wake him up.  

Some other questions she asked him were who did he idolize as his child? He said his Nana. Katelyn also asked him if he gets really excited about anything anymore. Kane said it’s hard for him to show emotion, even when he’s winning an award, but that doesn't mean he’s not excited. Katelyn then answered a question about their song “Thank God” becoming a hit. She never thought she’d have a number one song and always thought if they did a song, it would be a deep cut on an album, not a single that got pushed to radio.