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Lunchbox Shares Bathroom Confessions With Strangers

WhileLunchboxwas in Las Vegas, he decided to grab some bathroom confessions at a local restroom. When he does these bathroom talks with strangers, he confesses things, asks for advice, shares opinion and just talks to them about life

He sat in a bathroom stall and recorded some audio of him talking to his bathroom neighbors. The first one he confessed that hes been wearing his wifes underwear for a month, and she doesn't know about it. Shes always saying she cant find her underwear, so Lunchbox will wash it, put it back in her drawer, but then take another one to wear. He wants to know if he should tell her or if shell find it weird. The bathroom stranger thought it was unusual and said he doesn't wear his wifes underwear. Then Lunchbox told him hed slide a pair of his wifes underwear under the stall if he wanted to try them on. The bathroom stranger declined and quickly left.

With the last bathroom stranger Lunchbox asked if he could tie his shoe for him since it came untied and hes busy wiping. The bathroom stranger wasn't loving Lunchbox's antics and repeatedly told him no until he left.