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Bobby Did This TikTok Trend & Now He Has $1,000

Bobby Bones did a recent TikTok trend where people ask for everyone who follows them or views their video to send money to help them pay for certain things like pay off their car.

People were actually sending the money until some started getting greedy with it. Bones wanted to take part in this trend to get people to stop asking for stuff for themselves if they truly don’t need it. Bones asked people to send him $1 to his Venmo account and he’ll donate all the money to families that need it. He now has $1,000 dollars in his account now. People sent him so much he had to ask them to stop.  

He didn’t think it was actually going to happen, in fact, he even forgot about it. Now he and Mike D are going to go to a grocery store and start giving people the money and put it on TikTok to show people he didn’t just steal their money.