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Lunchbox Went Viral With Jelly Roll Interview Video

Lunchbox has finally gone viral!

He posted a video of him interviewing Jelly Roll asking him what his last meal on earth would be, and it got over two million views on TikTok! Jelly Roll’s wife recorded herself doing a reaction to the video and posted it on her account and that video went viral. So technically, Lunchbox didn’t go viral by himself. It went viral because Jelly Roll’s wife posted it and his fans reposted it, and their videos went viral, it wasn’t Lunchbox’s own video that went viral. And it was what Jelly Roll said that went viral, not Lunchbox’s interviewing skills. Lunchbox also thinks he might be on TV soon for said interview. When he did it, there were TV cameras recording because he thinks he’s getting a reality show soon and they asked for Lunchbox’s video.  

Lunchbox does have another video that’s gone viral, but he has no idea about it. At the CMA Awards he videos Peyton Manning in the back of his trailer, and it’s gotten over six million views. Lunchbox's not in the video though so he doesn't think it counts.