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Fun Facts About How Much Things Cost At The Super Bowl

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs

Photo: Getty Images North America

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, so the Bobby Bones Show shared some fun facts about how much things cost at the big game!  

  • If you win, each player is paid $157,000 dollars, if you lose, you’re paid $82,000 dollars.  
  • The average price to buy a thirty second commercial to air during the Super Bowl is $7 million dollars.  
  • The NFL doesn't pay the halftime performers, but they do get their expenses and production cost covered. 
  • Every player on both teams playing in the Super Bowl gets a fancy loaner car to drive around all week.  
  • A single ticket for the very first Super Bowl, which was the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green-Bay Packers, cost $6. The average cost this year is $9,000 dollars. If you want to get a suite it’s half-a-million dollars. And if you wait to get a ticket from a scalper around half-time, it’s still going to cost $2-$3 million dollars.  
  • Everyone on the winning roster gets a Super Bowl ring. Those on the practice squad usually get one of a little lesser value, and the owners of the team can reward rings to anyone they feel was instrumental to the team. Each franchise buys 150 rings and the league chips in. It’s around $5-6 million dollars.  
  • The Lombardi Trophy weighs 7 pounds but if you were to melt it down its $50 thousand dollars worth of materials.  
  • Each team gets 108 footballs. That’s for practice and play and they can’t get anymore because they all need to be pre-screened before the game.  
  • Finally, more than 100 million people watch the Super Bowl every year!  

Photo: Getty Images