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Amy Cried In Grocery Store Aisle After Sour Cream Spilled

Amy shared a reminder that if you’re overwhelmed by something to not avoid it, because if you do, you may end up in a similar situation like her.  

She was at a grocery store getting a few things when she went to grab the sour cream and dropped it and it spilled everywhere. She went to get someone to help clean it up and while they were, she started to cry a little but didn't think anyone saw it. The whole situation overwhelmed her so much that after paying for the groceries and getting into her car, she let herself cry some more but then processed what it truly was about.  She knew she wasn’t crying over spilled sour cream and there was something more to it. Once she got home and really thought about it, she knew what the true reason was and that she had to work through it by doing some journaling and other reflective work.