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Bobby Sees Something Crazy At High School Basketball Game

Bobby Bones went to Stigler, Oklahoma this weekend to see Caitlin’s grandfather, who’s 85 years old, coach the Stigler High School basketball team. 

He’s coached basketball for more than 60 years and is in the Oklahoma Coaches Hall of Fame, so they made it a point to go out this season to watch him. During the middle of the game the coach of the opposing team walked over and grabbed a random person's cup filled with ice and water and just chucked it onto the floor spilling it everywhere.  

Apparently, he did it trying to get the referees attention. It got everyone’s attention because they had to delay the game since there were no mops to clean it up. What Bones liked about this guy is he took full responsibility for his actions and admitted he overreacted. He did have to sit on the bench for the rest of the game. But Bones took it as a metaphor for life: it’s not if you mess up, it’s how you fix it and not deny it and work to get better after.