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Bobby’s Convinced His Wife Lied About This to Make Him Feel Better

Bobby Bones read an article that said studies show women lie all the time about this to their partners. At first, he thought it wouldn’t relate to him. Then he realized it does.  

The study said women will lie about certain things to their partner, like their weight, just to make them feel good. He shared an example of something that’s happened to him recently. He’s been traveling a good amount in the last month, so he’s not been able to stay as consistent with his fitness and food goals. He can tell his pants are a little lighter and that he’s probably put on five or six pounds. He was luring his wife in for a compliment one night and asked if she likes it when he bulks up and is a little thicker. She said she likes it, but he’s convinced she lied about it just to boost his ego.  

Bones thinks she truly doesn't care about what his body looks like, and that she just said he looks good because she knew it was something he needed to hear to make himself feel better. Amy agreed that sometimes women do this to help give their partner a confidence boost and it’s nothing personal.