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Bobby Bones Gives $200 of $1000 TikTok Money To Sonic Server

Last week, Bobby Bones mentioned he went on TikTok and told people if they send him one dollar, he’d give the money to someone who needs it.

It started as a parody of other people asking people to send them money so they can pay off some of their own personal expenses. Bones wanted to do the trend but donate the money for good. He got sent $1,000 dollars and has taken it all out to start giving away. 

The first place he chose to give it away was at Sonic. He ordered a single water and gave the server a $200 tip. He explained the situation to her and that he was documenting the moment to show people he was truly giving the money away. She was so shocked but grateful to have received the tip.  

He now has $800 left to give away. You can watch the video of his first donation here!