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Bobby & Ronnie Dunn Help Gift Brooks & Dunn Tickets To Listener’s Wife

Listener Jerry got Brooks & Dunn tickets for his wife for Valentines Day! He wants to present the tickets to her in a cool way but isn’t sure how. 

Bobby Bones texted Ronnie Dunn about it to see if he’d like to help! But Dunn was confused and thought he was asking for tickets to the show. So, he texted Bones back a video of him offering tickets to their show in May, even though Jerry already bought some. Jerry said his brother and fiancé would love to go to the show too, so if they could get an extra pair of tickets that’d be great. Bones was able to make it happen! 

Bones is going to record his part of the video and put it together with Dunn’s and send it to Jerry to show his wife for Valentine’s Day!