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Phone Screener Abby Sings The National Anthem at Nashville Predators Game

For the shows annual Christmas exchange, Raymundo gifted Abby the opportunity to sing The National Anthem at a Nashville Predators game, and yesterday (February 13) she finally sang it in front of 20,000 people!  

She shared what the experience was like with the show, admitting that she was excited but nervous. She was able to talk herself out of her nerves though and reminded herself she’s been practicing and knows what she’s doing. When she got to Bridgestone Arena, Morgan met her, and they were taken to the doors where the players walk out. She wore a Predators jersey with her name on it and they gave her in-ears to wear during the performance. When she put them in, she said there was a lot of static, but she put them at full blast so she wouldn’t hear people yelling and get distracted.  

When it was time to walk out onto the ice, she was surprised how calm she was. She followed the color-guards out and they announced her name and she started to sing. She said it was kind of a blur in the beginning, but felt she did good. She remembered all the words and received a lot of positive feedback! The show went to show their support for her as well!  

You can watch Abby's performance here!