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Scuba Steve Would Rather Have 10 More Kids Than Get Vasectomy

The Bobby Bones Show's Executive Producer, Scuba Steve, has been thinking about getting a vasectomy.

His wife is pushing for him to get one mostly because she doesn't want to have a fourth child, which he respects. But he’d rather they explore some other methods to prevent pregnancy. A lot of men have had this surgery with no issues, but he’s still nervous to do it. He said he doesn't want to do it because he’s not up for the pain in that region and knowing that you have to be awake for the surgery. He also doesn't like that you have to get a catheter. Bobby Bones thinks if it’s something he really wanted to do, he’d do it, and the true reason he doesn't want to get it done is the masculinity part, even though he said it’s not.  

Scuba said there is nothing that would convince him to get a vasectomy and that he’d rather have ten more kids than get one.