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Lunchbox Wants To Know Etiquette When Seeing Celebrities At Kid Functions

Lunchbox saw a celebrity at a kids sporting event/school function and he wanted to get a picture with them but wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. So, he asked Bobby Bones an etiquette question about what the proper thing to do it. Before he could go up to them, there was already a bunch of other people approaching them asking for pictures. Lunchbox ended up not going up to them but wanted to know if it’s okay to approach celebrities at kid functions.  

Bones said generally as a rule if they are with their kid or somewhere for their kid to not approach them and just treat them normal. He also added not to bother celebrities while they are eating or in the bathroom.  

Lunchbox said if there wasn’t a line of people surrounding this celebrity, he probably would’ve gone up and asked for a picture with them.