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The Bobby Bones Show Recommends These Products

Everyone on the Bobby Bones Show recommended something they think people would benefit from if them if they bought it.  

  • Bobby Bones recommended The DevaTwist Microfiber Towel. It takes forever for his hair to dry so he puts this towel on, twist it and you wear it and it dries your hair! He said it’s helped him a lot. 
  • Eddie recommended the Diono See Me Too baby car mirror! It’s an attachment that goes under your existing rearview mirror that you can use to see the kids in the back of the car and continue to use your actual rearview mirror for what it’s attended for!
  • Amy recommended gloves that have built in flashlights on your thumbs and pointer finger so you can see while walking in the dark! She uses them while she walks her dog. These are the gloves she uses.  
  • Lunchbox recommended the Coros Pace 2 GPS Watch a listener gifted him for Christmas. He said it’s awesome and helps him keep track of his fitness goals.  
  • Raymundo recommended a magnetic window cleaner! He has windows that are hard to reach from the outside and this helps! It’s called Fcare Magnetic Window Cleaner and he found it on Amazon!
  • Morgan recommended a tongue scraper. They clean your tongue and make sure you don’t have bad breath and help with your oral hygiene! She got two on Amazon for $8 dollars.  

Photo: Getty Images