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Healing From a Broken Heart & Cultivating Self-Care

Have you experienced a divorce, heartache, loss, or any stressful event? Amy’s guest, Laura Lea Bryant, is passionate about helping people (especially women) heal from heartache & stress, holistically. After experiencing a divorce and several difficult breakups, Laura Lea combined her food knowledge and experience with scientific theories on grief, to create offerings that help women relieve the physiological and psychological symptoms of heartache.

Laura Lea Bryant is a Certified Holistic Chef with over 10 years of experience in the wellness industry. She has hosted hundreds of people in her cooking classes over the years, teaching her community how to eat well for both health and pleasure. Laura Lea has written two best-selling cookbooks, The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook and Simply Laura Lea, and her third cookbook will launch in the late Spring of 2023. Her third book, Recipes for an Aching Heart, reflect Laura Lea’s most recent business venture. You can learn more about Laura Lea and her work at!!

Laura Lea Bryant

Holistic Health and Heartache Consulting



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