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Amy Shares List Of Energy Givers & Energy Takers

Amy follows brain doctor, @doc_amen on Instagram and she loves him! He recently shared a list of the top energy givers and energy takers. Energy givers are when you’re surrounded by certain things that are going to fill your cup up and make you feel better, not drain you. Energy takers are when you’re around something that drains you and makes you feel bad.  

These are the top Energy Givers:  

  • Sunlight  
  • Positive self-talk  
  • Deep Breathing  
  • Music  
  • Nutritious food  
  • Acceptance – being accepted by your peers 

These are the top Energy takers:  

  • Dehydration  
  • Sugar  
  • Gossip  
  • Sitting all day long  
  • People pleasing  
  • The news because it can be so negative