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Raymundo Sends Email To Restaurant He Thought Gave Wife Food Poisoning

Raymundo’s wife got food poisoning so bad she was choking on her own vomit, and he had to call an ambulance for her. To send the ambulance cost them $650 dollars and the gas cost him $75 dollars. 

They traced back some of the meals they had eaten and figured out what she had eaten that Raymundo had not and made her sick. They were at the hospital for six hours, and while there, Raymundo was fired up about the situation, so he sent a feisty email to the restaurant he thought gave his wife food poisoning.  

In the email he informed them that his wife got food poisoning and was deathly ill after eating several items from their menu. The one item he didn’t have but she did, the signature salad, is what got her sick, resulting in them having to call and pay for an ambulance, firetruck and hospital visit. He then went on to say they will never go to their restaurant again. He also recalled a time a friend of his found a screw in their salad at a different place and got paid out. He ended the email saying the ball was in their court to make this situation right however they see fit.  

He didn’t get a response from the email, so he messaged the restaurant on Instagram the exact same thing. He also didn’t receive a response there. A few days later, they realized she wasn’t actually sick with food poisoning but had a stomach bug, that Raymundo caught too. Since he never received a response from his angry messages, he’s not sure if he should tell them they were in the wrong or not. Bobby Bones recommended he send another note to them complementing their signature salad and apologizing for their mistake.  

Some of the other stuff they can’t take back is also telling the ambulance staff and emergency room workers the name of the place they thought gave her food poisoning and they put it on a list. Bones thinks the only way to correct that is to make an Instagram story apologizing.  

Raymundo and his wife are going back to that restaurant tonight and he learned the next time he’s feeling triggered to not say anything!