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Bobby Wants Advice On Medication He’s Taking

Bobby Bones opened up about a medication he’s on that is helping him not have crazy nightmares and deal with OCD.

The problem is, it’s making him put on weight, and he can feel it. Despite eating healthy and working out, he’s probably put on about six pounds since starting this medication. Bones said it’s not vanity, his image is a part of career since he’s on camera so much. It’s not that he doesn’t think he’ll not get jobs with a little extra weight on him, he just doesn’t like the way it makes him feel. When he doesn’t feel his best, it affects his confidence and work. His wife told him he should continue taking the medicine, but he asked for advice from everyone on the show to hear their thoughts.  

Eddie said he hasn’t noticed a difference in his weight and that he shouldn’t worry about it. Lunchbox told him to stop being a “chick,” and take the medicine and get over it and told him to man up. Amy suggested asking his doctor if there were other medication options he could take. She said if there aren’t any other alternatives, that he should continue to take it for a little longer to see if his body balances out. She said to choose his mental health over his body image.