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Jordan Davis Recalls Time He Hit House With Golf Ball

Jordan Davis stopped by The Bobby Bones Show today (February 17) to talk about his new album Bluebird Days, the writing process for it and the time he hit a house with a golf ball and someone tried to scam him...  

Bluebird Days, Davis's highly anticipated sophomore album is out today (February 17!) The collection contains 17 songs, including the CMA Song of the Year “Buy Dirt” (featuring Luke Bryan) and his latest multi-week number one hit “What My World Spins Around,” as well his new single “Next Thing You Know.” Davis describes the name of the album, Bluebird Days, as the ideal perfect day, which is where he feels like he’s at in his personal and professional life. Although the title track is more of a cautionary tale, about how quickly you can lose sight of some important stuff. He's tied those themes back to the songs that make up this album.  

The title track “Bluebird Days” he said is also the song on that album that will probably make people cry. He wrote it from his perspective of his parents' divorce. He said it was the toughest song for him to put on the record, and for him to play live. With Davis’s new album, he wanted to show more growth as a songwriter and artist by writing more honest songs. He admits you have to take some risks when you’re doing that. 

Short Fuse” he calls his most vulnerable song on the record. It came from a time he overheard his wife having a conversation with someone and she said he had a short fuse. He didn’t like hearing that and decided to do some personal work, so he doesn't come off like that anymore. The song is a response to that and wanting to change. The next single, “Tuscan Too Late,” he wrote with the same people he wrote “Buy Dirt” with: Josh and Matt Jenkins and his brother Jacob Davis. He calls it his “Keith Whitley song” because it was influenced by Whitley’s “Miami, My Amy.” While writing the song he wanted to do something different and was able to take his personal experiences out of it to let it be more of a story song.  

Before leaving, Davis shared a recent mishap that happened to him while he was golfing in a celebrity tournament in Florida. There were some houses surrounding the course and one of his golf balls accidentally hit and broke someone’s window. When he pulled up to the backyard to retrieve his ball, the homeowner was standing there holding it. He pointed out the broken window and asked for Davis's information and payment for the damages. Later, Davis found out the homeowners' association pays for it, but when he got home from the trip, he had a bill from the guy charging him. Davis said he will not pay it.  

Davis is currently on Thomas Rhett's Canadian Tour Bring The Bar To You then doing C2C Fest in the U.K.