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Lunchbox Prank Called Zoos Saying Animals Have Escaped

A zoo in Dallas, Texas has been in the news a lot lately because a bunch of their animals keep escaping.

So, Lunchbox decided to make some prank calls at zoos to let them know their animals got out and that he’d found them. In the first call, he told the zoo employee that he was in their parking lot and an animal just jumped on his car and he’s not sure how it got there and he’s freaking out. When asked what kind of animal it was, he said it was a cricket. The employee said it’s probably not from their zoo exhibit and got annoyed with Lunchbox before getting off the phone.  

The next zoo he called he told them he had just left there and was now at a gas station down the road and he saw one of their animals that had gone out of the exhibit. He told the employee he felt it wasn’t safe for them to be out and that someone should come to help. When asked what the animal was, he said it was ants. The employee told him they’ll take a look at it before hanging up.  

Photo: Getty Images