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Amy Went To Energy Healer For The First Time

Amy shared on the Bobby Bones Show that she recently went to an energy healer. Bobby Bones encouraged her to talk about it, even though the rest of the show wasn’t very supportive.  

Her friend had gone to one and was telling her about it and gifted her the appointment. She was skeptical about it at first but kept an open mind. When she got there, she laid on the table fully clothed with her palms up while the lady started working on her. The ladies' hands were just moving over her body, barely touching her, saying she was moving the negative energy out of her body. Amy’s negative energy came out of her feet but said it can come out of other areas too.  

The lady told her she was feeling there was negative energy in her throat, which Amy said when she’s in therapy and something comes up that is hard for her to talk about, she instantly puts her hand on her throat because that’s where she feels it first. So, the lady was hovering over her throat talking about the blockage there. Amy said she knows it sounds wild, but that everyone is energy, and you can feel it everywhere, so it’s important to pay attention to it.  

When she stood up, she felt so relaxed and said she slept the best she had in years that night. She believes that the session actually did work and released some negative energy from her body and helped her. Amy didn’t pay for it, but knew it cost about $100 dollars. She is considering going back if there is more work that needs to be done.