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Lunchbox Shares How People Can “Valentines Like a Boss”

For Valentines Day, Lunchbox did nothing for his wife, because he wanted to do Valentines Day “like a boss.” Which to him, was going to the store days after the holiday and getting the gifts on clearance.  

He went to Walgreens this weekend and recorded a video of all the left-over Valentines Day gifts on the shelf that were up to 80% off. He called the people who bought the gifts early “chumps” since they didn’t save any money. He then took another video revealing exactly what he bought and how much money he saved. Which was boxes of chocolate that were originally $20 but now $2. And bouquets of flowers that were originally $17.99 that he got for $3. He bought four bouquets and spent only $14 dollars on all the Valentines gifts.  

He gave the gifts to his wife when he got home and she loved it, especially since he saved money and “Valentines Like A Boss.”