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Amy Found Out Lunchbox Did Something Shady

Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots' Million Dollar Show happened the other night, and side stories of behind-the-scenes drama from that night have started to come out when Amy revealed she caught Lunchbox doing something shady there.  

Before the show, they had a client dinner at a very nice restaurant that was supposed to be meant for only the show members and some clients and salespeople, but Lunchbox brought his wife. He was the only one who brought a plus one. She didn’t sit with Lunchbox though because he had to sit at the client table and there wasn’t any room for her, so he sat her with people at the sales table who she didn’t know. Lunchbox said he brought her because it was an early dinner so their kids were still at daycare, and they hardly ever get to go to nice dinners so they took the opportunity while they could. His wife thought spouses were invited, had she known they weren’t, she probably wouldn’t have come.  

When the dinner was over, everyone left to go to the show, besides Lunchbox’s wife. She was going home while he went to the show so he asked for all the leftovers so she could bring them home. Lunchbox doesn't want people to feel bad for her though because she got to experience a free nice dinner without kids for once.