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Amy Putting Kool-Aid In Toilet To Stop High Bills

Amy has been putting Kool-Aid in her toilet because the water company suggested she do it to help her high-water bill that she’s had issues with for months.

One month it was $600, the next it was $500. She couldn’t figure out why it was so high and was doing everything to lower it. She even had people come out and look at it and they found no issues. After calling to complain a bunch of times, she got a bill for $90. But then the next one was high again, almost $400. She asked the water company to please send someone out again and they did. He checked the meter number which he said was basically representing her having a water faucet on all day long, which she didn’t. So, he suggested doing an experiment on her toilets to see if they could figure out the problem. He told her to get grape Kool-Aid powder and put one full pack in the tank of all her toilets so she could monitor the water. Once you put it in, if the purple from the Kool-Aid ends up in the toilet bowl, there is a problem.  

All but one of her toilets had issues. She thinks it might be an issue with the flappers which she is getting fixed today. But this is just step one, now she needs to wait until the next billing cycle to see if she’s still getting a high bill.