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Lunchbox & Morgan Share Crazy Uber Interactions

Lunchbox and Morgan both shared crazy Uber rides they recently took.  

Lunchbox took an Uber home after the Million Dollar Show at The Ryman and noticed his driver keep taking his hands off the wheel because he was jamming to the music. He was getting so lost in the music listening to OutKast and was even closing his eyes while driving. Lunchbox didn’t know how to react at first but then told him to put his hands on the wheel since his life is in his hands. Lunchbox had to ask him a few times to keep his hands on the wheel until he listened. He got home safely and didn’t give the driver a bad rating since he had a clean car and good music.  

Morgan shared her recent crazy Uber story too. When she got in the car, she noticed there were two people in the front seat, even though she didn’t request an Uber share. She contemplated getting out, but as she started to hear their conversation, she realized they were friends. The girl in the passenger seat was just riding along with her guy friend who was the driver. The show agreed the driver should’ve told her his friend was riding along with him when she got in the car to make her feel less unsafe. While in the car with them, Morgan sent her Uber ride information to her friends and family in case something happened. The extra person in the car was never addressed by the driver or Morgan, but everyone on the show agreed she should’ve said something.