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Lunchbox Upset Over Not Getting Special Edition Nashville Soccer Jersey

Everyone on the Bobby Bones Show got sent special edition Nashville Soccer Club jerseys with their name on it, besides Lunchbox and Raymundo.

The jerseys are blacked out for their ‘Man in Black’ kit, a tribute to Nashville icon Johnny Cash created in collaboration with his family and estate. Raymundo has gotten over not being sent one, but Lunchbox is still very upset. He is the only true Nashville Soccer fan on the show and even has season tickets. He asked Bobby Bones if he needed to send an email threatening to cancel his season tickets since he didn’t receive a jersey. That’s when Bones revealed his got delayed and gifted him his special edition jersey on the show.  

Lunchbox was extremely happy and took back every bad thing he said about Nashville Soccer. He can’t wait to wear it at the season opener tomorrow.