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You Don’t Have to Live With an Eating Disorder Forever (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: It is estimated that over 30 million Americans will have an eating disorder in their lifetime, and something you may not be aware of is that In the United States, eating disorders are the second most fatal mental illness, surpassed only by opioid use disorder. Both of those stats are wild. 

It's National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, so NEDA and other organizations will spend the week focusing on people with eating disorders and educating others about eating disorders — both of which are key to change. We highly encourage you to check out the NEDA website for info, tools, support, helplines, etc... It is: 

5 Mental Health Self-Help Ideas for you to keep in your back pocket:

-Try Mindfulness

-Keep a Gratitude Journal

-Focus on Sleep

-Soak up Uncomplicated Relationships (for example, your pets!!)

-Tap Into Your Creativity

If you're here because you're curious about whether or not you even have disordered eating behaviors, Mental Health America has an eating disorder test up on their website - the link will also be in the show notes. This test can't diagnose an eating disorder, but it can help you understand where you are. So looking into where you fall with this screening tool could be helpful. 

Eating Disorder Test: 

Sending hugs to everyone. You are not alone. And we hope you get the support you need! 

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