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Amy’s Daughter Got Another Piercing Without Telling Her

Amy’s 15-year-old daughter never gets in trouble, but Amy recently had to discipline her for going behind her back.

She’s been asking to get a fourth ear piercing in each ear for a while, but Amy asked her to be patient and maybe she’ll get it done on her 16th birthday that is coming up soon. Amy was also trying to use it as a lesson in patience, which is something she’s struggling with.  

For the past week she’s been wearing her hair down until her friend came over and braided it and put it in a ponytail. While they were driving with three of her friends in the backseat, Amy looked over and noticed a fourth piercing. She asked if they were magnet earrings, which she replied to no. Amy got so bad she slammed on the brakes and pulled over, going full embarrassing mom in front of her friends. She clarified it wasn’t dangerous because they were driving slowly. Amy said she was in shock because she’s a respectful kid and because she is they give her a lot of freedom, so she was just disappointed. She pulled over because she wanted to know who did it, when it happened and how she paid for it. The person who did it was one of the kids sitting in the backseat. Amy continued to take the girls to their destination and said no one got in trouble. But she did use the moment as a lesson for her daughter. 

To discipline her for going behind her back, Amy made her take out the fourth earring and let the hole close and told her she needs to be patient to get it done again. And since trust has been lost, she needs to find a trust exercise to lead the whole family to start building that trust up.