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Amy’s Car Got In Fender Bender

Amy’s car got a little fender bender the other day. She wasn’t in the car when it happened, it got hit and she had nothing to do with it. It happened in a parking lot and the person who hit her car waited for her to tell her what happened. She said she overestimated how much space she had when she pulled into the spot and hit her car.   

She hit the rear driver’s side and the damage wasn’t that bad, but it was a little dented and scratched. Amy thought it was cool that she waited for her and told her the truth instead of just doing a hit and run. But then she told Amy she didn’t have her insurance card on her right now and would rather pay her cash than get the insurance company involved. She gave Amy her number and said they could text about everything to figure it out.

Amy never took a picture of her license plate or reported it. She did text her and the number is legit, but it made her realize she might be too trusting of people. Amy is getting a quote now, but she hasn’t seen any money yet and can’t guarantee if she’ll get the money. She’s not sure how it will pan out yet, but she has high hopes everything will work out and she’ll get paid for the damages.  

Amy’s PSA is to not always trust that someone is telling you the truth. In that moment Amy was so happy the lady told her, but she realized she should’ve gotten more proof and taken some pictures or videos of the scene of the crime. Lunchbox thinks she won’t get the money. Eddie thinks she will. Bobby Bones thinks she’ll get some money but not the full quote.