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Lunchbox Auditioned For Sports Announcer Job

Back at the end of last year, The Atlanta Braves put up an ad that they were looking for a new PA announcer.

Lunchbox would love to be an announcer for a major league baseball team, so he sent in his demo of him introducing players and applied. He didn’t tell anyone about it but said if he heard something back, he was going to maybe move to Atlanta depending on how it paid. He shared on the show some of the clips he sent in with baseball sound effects happening and kept sliding in little personal comments that weren’t necessary. He also kept giving the players funny nicknames because he thought they would want something different.  

Lunchbox waited around for months and never heard back anything until he saw the winner on the news, his name is Kevin Kraus, the new PA announcer for The Braves. Bobby Bones thought he sounded really good, but that he probably wouldn’t have moved for the job because it only paid $50K.