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Bobby Shares Top 5 Rejected Segments

Bobby Bones shared the five most rejected segments over the last month.  

These are the top 5 rejected segments Bones did not want to do:  

  1. Mike D wanted to do one number of the phone number as punishment from easy trivia if you lost first. So, if you’re eliminated first from Easy Trivia, you have to give out one number of your phone number in order. So, if you continue to lose by the end of it listeners might have your full number. 
  2. Mike D suggested ‘Show prep report card.’ A peek behind the scenes to see who on the show put together the best show prep and everyone would get a grade. The person who received the most Fs at the end of the week would have to stay and write for 30 minutes on a board “I will submit better prep next week.” 
  3. There were three bowling stories at the same time. The first one was Eddie wanting to talk about how he bowled seven games in a row. The next one was Raymundo willing to admit to the world that he’s really bad at bowling. And the third was at Eddie’s kids' birthday party at the bowling alley he wanted Alan Jackson to come to it. 
  4. Lunchbox wanted to send someone to go on a darkness retreat like Aaron Rodgers did. He suggested we spin the wheel and whoever it lands on has to go on a four-day darkness retreat.
  5. Amy suggested doing a segment called ‘Does this count as a vegetable plate?’ She said she was craving veggies, so she ordered a seasonal vegetable plate, and it was cheesy grits, fried hushpuppies and beats. She wanted to debate if that counts as a vegetable plate.