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Bobby’s House Alarm Went Off At 2 in the Morning

Bobby Bones has an intense alarm system at his house.

There are cameras everywhere and even the slightest move can trigger the alarm to go off. An alarm started going off at two in the morning. He woke up immediately, grabbed his gun, and looked to see where in the house the alarm was going off. It was in his garage. He realized he didn’t need the gun, but was scared, so he opened the door and peeked to see if anything was out there. He peeked around every corner, and it took him about 15 minutes to get to the garage to see if anyone was there.  

Turns out no one was there, and it was just the wind. His wife went back to sleep, but Bones heart was racing so much he couldn’t. He’s now wondering what his wife Caitlin thinks about him this morning since he didn’t just walk to the garage to see if anyone was there or not. He wants to check to see if she feels he is less of a protector to her now.