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Lunchbox Uses Water Bottle Test To See If His Wife is Cheating

There is a TikTok video of a man saying how to find out if you’re partner is cheating is by getting a random water bottle and asking them where it came from.

If they aren’t cheating, they’ll admit they don’t know whose water bottle that is because they have nothing to hide. If they are cheating, they’ll go along and pretend you found their water bottle that they misplaced.  

Lunchbox wanted to use this tactic on his wife to see if she was cheating. He bought a random water bottle and drove her car somewhere and when he came home, he said he was cleaning the car and found her water bottle. When he showed it to her, she said it wasn’t hers and that she had never seen it before. He then congratulated her for passing the test and not cheating.

She had nothing to hide, and they have a good healthy marriage!