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Lunchbox Wants To Start OnlyFans Account

Lunchbox wants to start an OnlyFans account after he saw Iggy Azalea bought herself a Rolls Royce for one-million dollars because she made that much from her OnlyFans.

Lunchbox said on his OnlyFans account he’d offer his fans to buy topless photos of him, feet pictures, anything they’d want. He’d charge $50 a month for his subscription plan. He’d also offer video chats.  

Bobby Bones doesn't think he’s allowed to do it because it may interfere with his current contract with the show. Amy wants him to email the bosses and ask if he has permission to start an OnlyFans account. Lunchbox thinks people want an “inside” and “outside” look of him, but everyone on the show thinks he wouldn’t make that much money if he did one.