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Processing Fears Diet Culture Has Given You (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Amy starts off with a clip from Kat Defatta's 'You Need Therapy' podcast that went up this week where she processes diet culture and anti-diet culture's wildly polarizing content that has left many of us very, very confused. It's so good!!! You can listen to Kat's full episode called "NEDA Week: Diet Culture vs. Anti Diet Culture" linked HERE!   

Without judgment, Amy encourages you to take note of all the fears diet culture has given you about food. Journal what it would feel like to have a drama-free relationship. What would you do with all the brain space you would get back if you stopped obsessing about food? Our desire is for all of us to feel more peaceful around food and our bodies. 



Link to ‘4 Things’ LIVE in Nashville at Franklin Theater HERE.


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