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Amy Wants To Work On Phone Etiquette With Her Son

Amy noticed her son may not know phone etiquette. When he calls if no one picks up, he’ll keep calling over and over again non-stop until someone finally does pick up.  

For example, Amy was in a meeting and had her phone away. When she checked it, she had 21-missed calls from him. She’s so used to this happening that she knew nothing was wrong, but she’s scared one day something will be wrong and she won’t think it’s that big of a deal because she’ll think he’s just psycho dialing her again. She’s scared if he doesn't learn phone etiquette that one day when he gets a girlfriend, he'll psycho dial her and scare her away.  

This has been going on for months and she’s mentioned it to him before, but nothing is working. She knows he means well when he does this and is just trying to say hi, but they have to figure something out.