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Bobby & Mike D Issue Scam Alerts Over PayPal & iPhones

Bobby Bones and Mike D don’t want people getting scammed, so they shared how they both almost recently fell for one so you can avoid it! 

Bones got an invoice saying he still owed a PayPal to someone who fixed some electronic things in his house. He remembered that someone did recently come to his house for that reason, so he immediately clicked the link. Then he started to think about it and forwarded it to someone who watches over his bank account, and they informed him it was a scam. He said if you look close enough at these messages, there is always something a little off about them.  

Mike D’s scam alert was he received a call from a fake tech support company. They called him wanting to help with his internet, which by coincidence did happen to be out. They told him they could get the problem fixed for him by sending him a link that he’d have to fill out and from there they would take over his phone so they could “see the problem.” When the link came through it was from a fake number and he knew it was fishy. It turned out to be all a scam.  

Mike D ended up getting his internet fixed and the real company said they would never send a link to take over someone's phone to try and solve the problem.