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Amy Hasn’t Been Paid By Stranger Who Hit Her Car

Last week, Amy shared how her car got hit in the parking lot and the lady who hit it waited for her to tell her the news.

She said she didn’t have her insurance card on her, so she asked that once Amy gets the quote for the damages, she sends it to her, and she’ll pay for it. The only information Amy got from her was her phone number. The quote ended up being a couple thousand dollars. She sent it to her but then didn’t hear back for a couple of days. She finally responded and said she’s figuring it out and will pay her through the app Zelle. Amy downloaded the app but still hasn’t seen any money from the girl.

She told her she’d pay her on Friday, but Amy still hasn’t received any money. The girl telling her that she is going to pay her through this specific app and send the payment soon is confirmation to her that she’ll get the money. Amy is hoping she’ll get the money and will show everyone you can trust people.