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Eddie Made Son Write Sentence 150 Times As Punishment

Over the weekend, Eddie’s son was acting up and being disrespectful towards his mom, so he made him write a sentence over and over again as punishment.

He had to write, “I will obey my mom and follow the rules” 150 times. Eddie said he used to have to do it all the time as a kid and it worked for him, so he’s hoping it will work for his son too. Eddie said he disobeys his mom all the time and that this wasn’t his first offense. He kept warning him if he didn’t stop, he’d have to punish him and after the tenth time, Eddie had enough and had him sit down to write the sentences. At first, his son thought there was no way he’d get it done, but it took him about twenty minutes to complete all 150 sentences.  

Eddie feels it will detour him from doing it again because the next time he’ll make him do 200 sentences. He said the best part was ripping it up right in front of him when he was done.