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Lunchbox in Debate With Wife About Paying for Computer

Lunchbox’s wife's computer was sitting on the table when he coffee spilled all over it.

She took it to the Apple store, and they told her it’s a goner and can’t be fixed. They have separate bank accounts are now debating who has to pay for a new computer. Lunchbox presented his reasoning why he thinks he shouldn’t have to pay for it. He said it was two o’clock in the afternoon and she had left her computer open with the coffee from that morning next to it. He went to grab a coloring book that his kids were using on the table and when he picked it up it hit her coffee and spilled all over her computer. In his opinion, the computer and the coffee shouldn’t have been left on the table and she should’ve cleaned up after herself. Then his wife presented her side of the story as to why she thinks he is financially responsible to pay for the new computer. Saying she left her computer and coffee out of the way on the table and since he is the one who spilled it, it’s his fault. Lunchbox said they don’t let their kids have toys at the table so why leave her computer there, especially when she has an office desk in the house too. And if she is going to leave it on the table at least close it and don’t leave the coffee too close to it since they do have three kids running around the house who could knock it over.  

Everyone on the show sided with Lunchbox’s wife and said since he is the one who spilled it, he owes her the money.