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Morgan Thinks Her House May Be Haunted

Morgan has been seeing orbs showing up at her house and thinks it may be haunted.

Her ring camera goes off at 11:30p.m. every night on the dot and there are these two orbs that just float around it for about five minutes and then they go away. It’s happened at the same time every night for the past week.  

She said it looks like they go into the camera and go into her house, then she watches them leave. She’s looked closely and confirmed it was not bugs, it’s not lights from her house or the street, and she is sober when she sees them. She’s lived in her house for three years and this has never happened until this week. That’s why she thinks her house may be haunted because it’s the same consistent lights that have been in the frame the whole time.  

She shared footage of the proof that Eddie examined first. He said it looked like condensation dripping down the lenses, even though Morgan said it hasn’t been raining. Lunchbox thinks it’s something with the temperature. Bobby Bones also thinks it’s moisture.  

Bones said if it’s still happening by April 3rd, they’ll bring some paranormal experts to her house.