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How A Vision Board Can Change Your Life

There is neuroscience behind manifestation!! Sandra Grahame is our expert guest who answers that for us today along with sharing how we can create a meaningful + aligned vision board for ourselves and even how we can create a daily manifesting practice! 

After transforming her own financial situation, Sandra landed herself on Oprah and her business took off from there. She's the CEO of SmartCookies (where they do courses, sell these adorable vision kits and more!), she's co-authored 2 books, been featured on the Today Show, The New York Times...the list goes on! She has spent the last 13 years helping thousands of women achieve life changing financial goals. We love this quote from her: "when we get honest about our dreams and our money and support one another...we become richer together, and there's nothing that can stop us!" 

Sandra is a big believer in creating a vision and manifesting dreams....especially encouraging groups of women to rally and do so because everyone is WORTHY of full and beautiful life....we are so thankful for her wisdom. She also does '4 Things Gratitude' and shares 4 things she's currently thankful for! 

Sandra is @SmartCookiesCollective on Instagram and you can go to to learn more about her work + see her beautiful vision board kits!!

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