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Bobby Asked To Fly With The Blue Angels

Bobby Bones received an e-mail from the PR person who represents the Great Tennessee Airshow.

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron will headline this year in June. And on Wednesday, June 7, they are offering a key-influencer a ride in their number seven jet. Since Bones amazing support of St. Jude and other charities, they think he will make an excellent candidate for this once in a lifetime opportunity if interested.  

Bones gets bad motion sickness, so he’s worried about that, and he’s also scared. He can hardly ride in the backseat of a car and doesn't like flying, so everything about this feels wrong, but he also doesn't think he should pass up this amazing opportunity. Amy thinks he should do it and will look back and be so happy he did it. Eddie thinks he should do it, but that he won’t. Lunchbox thinks he shouldn’t because it’s a bad look for the show and his imagine because he’ll get sick and puke all over everyone. Raymundo said he shouldn’t do it because if he’s having a bad feeling about it, why do it. Morgan said he should absolutely do it because he’d probably never get a chance like this again.  

Bones will update us on his decision when he decides.  

Photo: Getty Images