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Eddie Spilled The Tea On Lunchbox Breaking Soap Dispenser At Work

Eddie spilled the tea on Lunchbox for him breaking the soap dispenser in the bathroom at work. When he walked into the bathroom, he heard a bang and saw Lunchbox standing there with the soap dispenser ripped off the wall and in his hands. Lunchbox just put it down and walked away when asked what happened.  

It broke when he was checking the sturdiness of it because he thought it looked cheap. When he checked it, it snapped right off the wall. Bobby Bones asked Scuba Steve what we need to do about this situation now, and Scuba said it might become an HR issue since it’s defacing company property.  

Bones is making Lunchbox email the whole company that he was inspecting the sturdiness of the soap dispenser and it failed inspection and broke. He also needs to ask for someone to come fix it.