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The Bobby Bones Show Shares Results From Staff IQ Test

Six people on The Bobby Bones Show took an IQ test to see who was the smartest amongst them on the show.

The winner gets $100 and is crowned the champion and the loser is crowned the chumpion. Bobby Bones and Amy did not take it, and neither did Mike D because he had to run it.  

The six people who took the test stayed after the show yesterday to complete it. Mike D watched over everyone to make sure there was no cheating. They thought it was a general IQ test, but it turned out to be meant for fourth graders. Whoever turned their test in first also contributed to the score. Here are the results of what place everyone finished:  

Abby was crowned the champion and won the money. Scuba was crowned the Chumpion, and said it happened because in the middle of the test he had to stop to deal with insurance people, so it threw off his concentration.