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Things We’ve Learned Because of TikTok

The Bobby Bones Show shared things they’ve learned from TikTok in TikTok Show and Tell today! It started because Morgan shared that she saw a video explaining when girls wear claw clips in their hair and if they get in a car accident the doctors have to pull the clip out of their head. 

These are some of the things we’ve learned because of TikTok:  

Bobby Bones shared that he learned the many uses of WD-40 from user @Jmg8tor. He has almost 2-million followers and gives useful at home repair tips. In the video, he shares that WD-40 can be used to clean almost anything including your shower glass, mirrors, get stains off your countertop, remove stains from your clothes, and many other things! 

Another one he shared was from @jess_loves_target about how buying fabric softer and laundry beads are a scam and it’s actually bad for your washing machine and clothes! She said instead use regular detergent, a little bit of distilled white vinegar and wool balls in the dryer and everything will be perfectly clean and not ruin the machine.  

Amy shared a video from @hip2save about how if you have tarnished silverware, wad up a ball of foil and stick it in the dishwasher by the silverware and it will come out shiner than it’s ever been before!  

Eddie shared a video from user @emzglam, showing how the safety cap that is on medicine bottles has another lid underneath it that you can use that isn’t child-proof.  

Lunchbox learned all about dumpster diving and what you can find from user @Salty.Stella who dumpster dives and finds everything. The video is of her doing it at a Bed, Bath & Beyond where she finds blenders, vacuums, coffee grinders, sheets and much more! It is illegal in certain counties though so check before you do it!  

Raymundo learned from user @lenniamc you can use a blow dryer to remove a sticker that is hard to peel off! 

Morgan found out from user @iammatthewjordan that the lines on solo-cups actually measure out drinks. The bottom line is for a shot, the middle one is for wine and the top two are for beer.